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Yummie's Journey: From Simple Dressing to Digital Triumph

"Discover How Yummie Revolutionized Its E-commerce Success: A 135% CPA Reduction and 5.16X ROAS through Strategic Performance Marketing and CRO"

↓ 135%
Cost of Acquisition
Stuart Weitzman

Elevating Elegance: A Sales Revolution in Luxury Footwear

Dive into Upthrust’s masterclass in digital wizardry as we catapult Stuart Weitzman’s CTR by 300%, wielding performance marketing and conversion optimization. Our stratagem crafted an astonishingly cost-effective $23 Cost-Per-Order.

↑ 300%
Click-Through Rate
James Allen

Diamonds Unleashed: Elevating James Allen's Online Presence

Upthrust orchestrated a dazzling holiday campaign for James Allen, employing shrewd performance and email marketing strategies. A staggering 210% CTR boost and an 81% CPP reduction were achieved using cutting-edge TikTok, Meta, and Klaviyo tools.

↑ 210%
G.H. Bass & Co.

Digital Alchemy: Turning G.H. Bass Ads to Gold

Witness the digital metamorphosis as G.H. Bass & Co. vaults social engagement by 782%, achieving a cost-efficient $1.35 CPC through masterful SEO, TikTok, and Meta strategies

Jump in social engagement
Peter Thomas Roth

Effective Concentrations: The Secret Sauce of Peter Thomas Roth's Campaign

Leveraging Performance Marketing, Upthrust harnessed the power of Google and Facebook, slashing Peter Thomas Roth's CPC by a staggering 56%, while cutting cost by 63%.

56% ↓
63% ↓
Cost per purchase
Kopari Beauty

Kopari’s Blossom: From Organic Roots to Sales Triumph

Elevate Your Sales to $150k in 3 Months! Learn from Kopari Beauty’s success story, as Upthrust’s ingenious performance marketing and email strategies on Google and Facebook captivated 320+ customers daily.

Sales in 3rd Month
Daily customers
Olive Clothing

Cost-Smart Elegance: CPA Down 40%, Revenue up 1.54x!

Discover how a trailblazing partnership with Olive Clothing dramatically restructured advertising strategies, integrating Facebook & TikTok Ads, Email Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization to slash CPA by 40% and 1.54x revenue.

40% ↓
Boost in overall revenue
Get Rich or Die Trucking

How Upthrust helped Get Rich or Die Trucking boost revenue from $11,674 to $98,678

Upthrust revamped Get Rich or Die Trucking's website, crafted persona-driven campaigns, and produced engaging videos, resulting in a 195% growth spike.

↑ 195%
Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads
Venetian Nail Spa

How Upthrust helped Venetian Nail Spa increase website sessions by 99% and average session duration by 31%

Upthrust created a B2C-specific digital strategy, redesigned the website hierarchy and design, and employed a comprehensive SEO strategy for Venetian Nail Spa, significantly increasing website sessions and average session duration.

↑ 99%
Website Sessions
↑ 31%
Average Session Duration
The Lash Supply

How Upthrust helped The Lash Supply achieve a 35.78% growth rate and a 6.45x ROAS on Google Ads

Upthrust provided a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to improve online visibility, increase targeted traffic, and optimize website conversion. This led to a significant boost in growth rate and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads

Redefining E-commerce Success: L'Oréal's Unprecedented Sales Boost

Reimagining e-commerce success for L'Oréal, we harnessed digital advertising and campaign optimization to boost Clarisonic sales by 45% and trim cost per sale by an impressive 60%.

↑ 45%
Sales of Clarisonic products.
60% ↓
Reduction in average cost per sale compared to the initial benchmark.
Akin's Natural Foods

How we helped Akin's Natural Foods boost brand awareness and website traffic by 35% in Oklahoma markets

We used geographic, demographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting and high-impact placements to increase traffic to Akin's Natural Foods website and grow brand awareness within Oklahoma markets. Our strategic approach resulted in a 35% increase in website traffic and an impressive 10.45% CTR for retargeted efforts.

↑ 35%
Website traffic within Oklahoma markets.
Impressive click-through rate (CTR) for retargeted efforts.
The Boppy Company

Upthrust Elevates Boppy: Boosted Sales and Brand Recognition Through Targeted Campaigns

With a focus on demographic and behavioral segments to reach pregnant women and new mothers ages 25-34, Upthrust effectively carried out customized marketing campaigns for The Boppy Company. The campaign effectively increased brand awareness and drove sales by combining standard and high-impact display units.

Click-through rate (CTR) above industry standard for several units.
High viewability due to the use of high-impact placements.

How we helped Meijer increase their consumer base and brand awareness during the back-to-school season

Using demographic, regional, and behavioral targeting tactics, we successfully targeted Meijer's target audience during their back-to-school campaign. This increased their customer base and brand recognition within Midwestern regions.

↑ 25%
Consumer base during the back-to-school season.
Click-through rate (CTR) exceeding industry standards.

How we helped increase their online sales by 50% during their Valentine's Day campaign

With high-converting ad placements, we employed demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting tactics to increase Return on investment and encourage online sales in the run-up to Valentine's Day.

↑ 50%
Online purchases during the Valentine's Day campaign.
Impressive click-through rate (CTR) for top-performing ad units.
M.C Overalls

Modernizing Heritage: M.C. Overalls' 62% Conversion Spike

Elevate Your E-commerce with Insights: "Rocketing to $60K in 4 Months, M.C. Overalls Turbocharges E-commerce Success with the Upthrust Strategy!"

0 - £60k
Sales in the 4th Month
Orders in just 57 days