Case Studies

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See how Upthrust's data-driven strategies have helped businesses across industries achieve their growth goals. Our award-winning digital marketing agency delivers results you can measure, with real-world examples and success stories to prove it.


Ecommerce Revolution: The Remarkable Sil-Grocery Turnaround

Unveil Sil-Grocery's story of resilience and innovation as they transformed their mobile application into a universally accessible platform. Leveraging Figma, they achieved a remarkable 80% surge in app usage and a 30% increase in CRO, redefining digital inclusivity.

increase in app usage
Increase in CRO

Yummie's Journey: From Simple Dressing to Digital Triumph

"Discover How Yummie Revolutionized Its E-commerce Success: A 135% CPA Reduction and 5.16X ROAS through Strategic Performance Marketing and CRO"

Reduction in Cost of Acquisition
Return on ad spend (ROAS)
Stuart Weitzman

Elevating Elegance: A Sales Revolution in Luxury Footwear

Dive into Upthrust’s masterclass in digital wizardry as we catapult Stuart Weitzman’s CTR by 300%, wielding performance marketing and conversion optimization. Our stratagem crafted an astonishingly cost-effective $23 Cost-Per-Order.

jump in Click-Through Rate
James Allen

Diamonds Unleashed: Elevating James Allen's Online Presence

Upthrust orchestrated a dazzling holiday campaign for James Allen, employing shrewd performance and email marketing strategies. A staggering 210% CTR boost and an 81% CPP reduction were achieved using cutting-edge TikTok, Meta, and Klaviyo tools.

Reduction in CPP
Increase CTR for campaign
G.H. Bass & Co.

Digital Alchemy: Turning G.H. Bass Ads to Gold

Witness the digital metamorphosis as G.H. Bass & Co. vaults social engagement by 782%, achieving a cost-efficient $1.35 CPC through masterful SEO, TikTok, and Meta strategies

Jump in social engagement
Peter Thomas Roth

Effective Concentrations: The Secret Sauce of Peter Thomas Roth's Campaign

Leveraging Performance Marketing, Upthrust harnessed the power of Google and Facebook, slashing Peter Thomas Roth's CPC by a staggering 56%, while cutting cost per purchase by 63%.

CPC Reduced
Decrease in Cost per purchase
Kopari Beauty

Kopari’s Blossom: From Organic Roots to Sales Triumph

Elevate Your Sales to $150k in 3 Months! Learn from Kopari Beauty’s success story, as Upthrust’s ingenious performance marketing and email strategies on Google and Facebook captivated 320+ customers daily.

Sales with Upthrust 3rd Month
Daily customers
Mukunda Foods

Automate the Heat: Savor Rich Leads, Slender Spend

"Witness the Power of Performance Marketing: Mukunda Foods' Journey to 78% Reduction in Lead Cost and 351% Decrease in Acquisition Cost"

Reduction in Lead Cost
Decrease in Client Acquisition Cost

How Upthrust revitalized Carorbis's online presence, boosting organic traffic by 463% and tripling conversion rates

Upthrust provided a comprehensive, customized digital marketing solution to Carorbis that significantly improved their organic rankings, optimized their ad spend, and bolstered their conversion rates.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Conversion Rates
Housr: Homes & Co-living

Housr's Digital Transformation: A UI/UX Redesign Journey by Upthrust

Upthrust transformed Housr's digital presence with a user-centric redesign, driving a 70% surge in website usage and a 40% boost in conversions, truly embodying the upthrust required for Housr's successful digital launch.

Website Usage Increased
Conversion Rate Increased
Olive Clothing

Cost-Smart Elegance: CPA Down 40%, Revenue up 1.54x!

Discover how a trailblazing partnership with Olive Clothing dramatically restructured advertising strategies, integrating Facebook & TikTok Ads, Email Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization to slash CPA by 40% and skyrocket revenue 1.54x.

Decrease in CPA
Boost in overall revenue

Unleashing Potential: How Dell EMC Achieved 35.78% Growth

Explore how Dell EMC harnessed the power of Google Ads and Adobe After Effects, transforming their growth marketing strategy and skyrocketing their growth rate by 35.78% and ROAS to an astonishing 6.45x.

Increase in growth rate
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Google Ads
Get Rich or Die Trucking

How Upthrust helped Get Rich or Die Trucking increase growth rate by 195% and boost revenue from $11,674 to $98,678 in just three months

Upthrust helped Get Rich or Die Trucking to revamp their website for conversions, designed marketing campaigns based on researched buyer personas, and created animated promotional videos to drive engagement and reduce friction points, leading to a staggering 195% increase in growth rate.

Increase in Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads

How Upthrust helped TheBitMaster increase growth rate by 35.78% and boost revenue in 6 months

Upthrust helped TheBitMaster identify the target persona, create a strategy to overcome barriers and launch a full-fledged campaign. This resulted in an impressive 35.78% increase in growth rate and a boost in revenue.

Increase in Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads
West LA Hair

How Upthrust helped West LA Hair, increase appointment bookings by 122% and reduce CAC by 41%

Upthrust helped West LA Hair develop a successful digital marketing strategy, resulting in a massive increase in appointment bookings and a significant reduction in CAC.

Increase in Appointment Bookings
Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost
Venetian Nail Spa

How Upthrust helped Venetian Nail Spa increase website sessions by 99% and average session duration by 31%

Upthrust created a B2C-specific digital strategy, redesigned the website hierarchy and design, and employed a comprehensive SEO strategy for Venetian Nail Spa, significantly increasing website sessions and average session duration.

Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in Average Session Duration
The Lash Supply

How Upthrust helped The Lash Supply achieve a 35.78% growth rate and a 6.45x ROAS on Google Ads

Upthrust provided a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to improve online visibility, increase targeted traffic, and optimize website conversion. This led to a significant boost in growth rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) for The Lash Supply.

Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads

Redefining E-commerce Success: L'Oréal's Unprecedented Sales Boost

Reimagining e-commerce success for L'Oréal, we harnessed digital advertising and campaign optimization to boost Clarisonic sales by 45% and trim cost per sale by an impressive 60%.

Increase in sales of Clarisonic products.
Reduction in average cost per sale compared to the initial benchmark.

How we helped Petco promote their Unleashed store grand opening and drive foot traffic, increasing store visits by 25%

We used geographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting to create a hyper-local, highly engaging promotional campaign for the grand opening of Petco's new Unleashed store. We focused on a mix of Standard Display Banners, Expandables, and Mobile Interstitials to drive higher viewer engagement and achieve a 25% increase in-store visits.

Increase in-store visits during the grand opening campaign.
Higher click-through rates (CTRs) compared to the industry average.
Akin's Natural Foods

How we helped Akin's Natural Foods boost brand awareness and website traffic by 35% in Oklahoma markets

We used geographic, demographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting and high-impact placements to increase traffic to Akin's Natural Foods website and grow brand awareness within Oklahoma markets. Our strategic approach resulted in a 35% increase in website traffic and an impressive 10.45% CTR for retargeted efforts.

Increase in website traffic within Oklahoma markets.
Impressive click-through rate (CTR) for retargeted efforts.
The Boppy Company

How Upthrust increased brand recognition and boosted sales for The Boppy Company through targeted advertising campaigns

With a focus on demographic and behavioral segments to reach pregnant women and new mothers ages 25-34, Upthrust effectively carried out customized marketing campaigns for The Boppy Company. The campaign effectively increased brand awareness and drove sales by combining standard and high-impact display units.

Click-through rate (CTR) above industry standard for several units.
High viewability due to the use of high-impact placements.

How we helped Meijer increase their consumer base and brand awareness during the back-to-school season

Using demographic, regional, and behavioral targeting tactics, we successfully targeted Meijer's target audience during their back-to-school campaign. This increased their customer base and brand recognition within Midwestern regions.

Increase in consumer base during the back-to-school season.
Click-through rate (CTR) exceeding industry standards.

How we helped increase their online sales by 50% during their Valentine's Day campaign

With high-converting ad placements, we employed demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting tactics to increase return on investment and encourage online sales in the run-up to Valentine's Day. Through our efforts, internet purchases increased by 50%, resulting in a very effective campaign.

Increase in online purchases during the Valentine's Day campaign.
Impressive click-through rate (CTR) for top-performing ad units.
M.C Overalls

Modernizing Heritage: M.C. Overalls' 62% Conversion Spike

Elevate Your E-commerce with Insights: "Rocketing to $60K in 4 Months, M.C. Overalls Turbocharges E-commerce Success with the Upthrust Strategy!" This data-driven approach, fused with seamless user experience and laser-focused customer engagement, fueled an unprecedented financial leap in record time.

0 - £60k
sales with Upthrust 4th Month
Orders in just 57 days

How we helped Fitwell to increase user acquisition by 21%

We had to craft a finely brainstormed strategy since the business model was B2B but Fitwell capitalizes on its value provided to end users.

Boost - User acquisition via Paid Search and Paid Social
New Subscribers - Retargeting and Conversion Rate Optimisation
Aikido finance

How we helped Aikido Finance to increase organic growth by 372%

Upthrust did thorough research to identify who exactly their target audience was. Once this was curated, we identified the mediums and ways to reach them and grow the intended metrics that is organic traffic and platform demos.

increase in organic growth rate
boost via Paid campaigns
Quietly successful

How we helped Quietly Successful increase lead conversion rate by 13%

To attract and retain qualified traffic we started with intelligent persona research leading to laser targeting, In-tentful demographics, and problem awareness ads. Amplifying the message to only sufferers.

Increase in Conversion Rate
high quality leads generate with paid social