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Join hands with a paid ads agency to reach customers on social media platforms and get them to act. Our focus on conversion-based ads and brand recall makes us unique.

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our social media advertising services

We are the Dads for Paid Ads

Our services as a paid ads agency are straightforward - Impressions and Traffic are alright, but Conversions are what really matters. If you, too, believe so and are looking for it, we'll hit it off very well.

Facebook Ads

Our advertising through social media is conversion based. We target audiences based on their location, gender, education, connections, and much more.

Spotify Ads

With a growing consumer base, Spotify ads are now one of the most critical social ads services. We will ensure you get heard while focusing on your brand and products.

Instagram Ads

With better audience-engaging tools and media types, our team promotes engagement, builds brand presence, and promotes more conversions to your website.

Twitter Ads

One of the fastest platforms in social media advertising to promote lead generation and brand awareness is Twitter ads. It's a concise way to convey your message to your target audience.

Linkedin Ads

As a social media advertising firm, we use one of the most popular B2B digital marketing channels based on client needs. This media is great for targeting clients by title, industry, job title, and more.

Snapchat Advertising

Any social media advertising agency would be foolish to ignore Snapchat at this point. The media and creative capabilities that Snapchat offers assist brands in building their reputations.

about our social media advertising services

Let your social media investment show growth

As a social media advertising firm, we aim to engage your audiences and maximize ROI with every encounter.

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Step 1

Audience Research and Targeting

We find and target the right audience using data and analysis.

Step 2

Campaign Creation and Management

The apt campaign and content which suits your future goals are strategized and created.

Step 3

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Customizing your plans by monitoring results and optimizing them for sustainable growth.

social media advertising process

The Holy Trinity of Social Media Advertising

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Case Study

How we helped Olive Clothing decrease CPA by 40% and boost overall revenue by 1.54x

"Upthrust produced impressive results for our brand: 40% reduced CPA, 1.54x revenue growth, and an astounding 24% reduction in cost per purchase. They provided excellent returns on our investment!"

John Carter
VP of Marketing at Olive Clothing
More SEO Traffic
$14.33 million in attributed revenue generated for clients
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