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Stand out and Go with the Video Marketing trend to Grow Your eCom Business.

86% of businesses use video marketing as a tool, and 92% of marketers consider videos as a vital tool of marketing. Why are you left behind? Be part of the trend with Upthrust’s eCom video marketing service.

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Our Services

Extend Your Customer's experience with Video Marketing

Upthrust will help you to clear your goal first. Upthrust's eCom marketing experts give you an action plan for your video marketing based on your goal and target audience. They also guide you with the kind of video your eCommerce business needs.

Video Production

We help you create creative video content, whether it be for your social media platforms, product pages on your website, or your advertisements. We can help you plan, shoot, and edit your video.

Video advertising

Want to get your video in front of your potential buyers? We can help with that.

Live video streaming

Launch a product, host a panel discussion, or stream a conference with our live streaming services.

Animation video production

An animated explainer video is a great way to explain your product or service engagingly.

Video editing

Did you already shoot your video but need help putting it all together? Our editing team can help with that

Video Optimization

Ensure that your videos are seen by the potential customers by optimizing them for search engines and social media.

About This Service

Improve your sales, online presence, and build a strong brand with our Video Marketing services.

Educate your customer about your products and services through video marketing. Boost up your sales, and make "How to" videos to instruct on "How to use" your product for your audience. Build credibility and brand loyalty by sharing customer testimonials and employee experiences.

Get a Free Video Strategy Audit + Growth Map
Step 1

Strategy development

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, drive store traffic, or generate leads, we can create a custom video marketing strategy. The first step in any video production is pre-production, which includes developing a concept, writing a script, and storyboarding

Step 2

Video production

Once pre-production is complete, production can begin. This is the phase where the actual filming takes place. Post-production is the final stage of video production and includes editing the footage, adding visual effects, and creating a finished product.

Step 3

Promotion and distribution

Once your videos are live, we can help you promote them through social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. We'll also track your results so that you can see the ROI of your video marketing campaign."

Our Process

Upthrust's bulletproof process makes Video Marketing a Success For You.

Upthrust's team of eCommerce marketing experts talks to you to find out your expectations from your video marketing campaign. Accordingly, the Upthrust video marketing team sets your short & long-term goals and briefs you about them. Afterward, script designing, pre-production, and post-production work are done.

Get a Free Video Strategy Audit + Growth Map
Case Study

How Upthrust helped ALG Support increase conversion rate by 61.87%

"Upthrust's remarkable work boosted our conversion rate tremendously. Their engaging videos ensured that our customers kept coming back!"

John Carter
VP of Marketing at ALG Support
More SEO Traffic
$14.33 million in attributed revenue generated for clients
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