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Keep in touch with your customers with Email Marketing

Get new leads, follow up on inquiries, and share knowledge about your product/ service with your regular customer to nurture them through email marketing.

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Extend Your Services By Nurturing Your Buyers With Email Marketing

You can't ignore email marketing. 59% of D2C marketers say email marketing is a great platform to generate revenue. And 80% of retail professionals say it's an amazing tool for retaining customers.

Email marketing strategy development

Developing an eCommerce email marketing strategy requires deeply understanding your target audience and their buying journey. It also requires an understanding of your own business goals and objectives. Once we clearly understand these factors, we can develop an eCommerce marketing strategic plan for your email marketing efforts.

Email template creation

Creating an effective email template is key to ensuring your email marketing campaigns are successful.

Email campaign creation and management

Creating and managing email campaigns can be a complex and time-consuming process. We can help simplify and automate the process.

Email list building and management

Building and managing an email list is critical to any email marketing campaign. We can help you build and manage your email list.

Email A/B testing

We send out two different versions of an email to a small group of recipients and then measure the results to see which version performed better.

Email analytics and reporting

We track your email marketing campaigns' performance to ensure to take your business's eCommerce sales to the next level.

About This Service

Take Your eCom Business to the Next Level with Upthrust's Email marketing.

Share your vision and goals with Upthrust. Upthrust experts guide you through the complete email marketing strategy and other email marketing services that boost your business. Also, Upthrust automates your email marketing campaigns which automatically reply to customer queries and helps them buy your product or services.

Get Free Email Strategy Audit + Growth Roadmap
Step 1

Develop an Email marketing strategy

We start with figuring out your goals for the campaign, your target audience, and what types of content will appeal to them.

Step 2

Campaign creation

Once we have a sizable list, we begin creating your email campaigns utilizing tools like Klaviyo, HubSpot, etc. This involves crafting engaging content that interests your readers and prompts them to take action.

Step 3

Analysis and Optimization

Once your campaigns are sent out, it's important to monitor their performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure they are as effective as possible. Finally, once your campaign has ended, we analyze the results to learn what worked well and what could be improved upon for future campaigns.

Our Process

Upthrust's process is bulletproof for taking your eCommerce email marketing revenue and retention to the next level.

Targeted copy, polished design, proven email campaign design and an email audit in case you are already running any email marketing campaign; based on that, the next step is taken. Once the campaign is live, Upthrust's team continuously tracks it and makes necessary changes immediately.

Get Free Email Strategy Audit + Growth Roadmap
Case Study

How we helped Olive Clothing decrease CPA by 40%

"Upthrust produced impressive results for our brandrovided excellent returns on our investment!"

John Carter
VP of Marketing at Olive Clothing
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$14.33 million in attributed revenue generated for clients
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