Case Studies

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Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Boosts Brand Engagement with Innovative Campaigns

Our agency partnered with Harley-Davidson to develop an innovative, multi-channel campaign centered around the theme of freedom. The goal was to generate excitement and engagement among Harley’s existing riders while also appealing to aspiring and younger motorcyclists. The campaign for the Harley-Davidson X440 model used cryptic teasers, social challenges, and immersive experiences to create intrigue. Influencers and the #RideForFreedom hashtag amplified engagement. A grand product launch event crowned the effort, offering the X440 as the coveted prize for participants.

Over 2 Million
views garnered by teaser ads
20+ influencers
participated in branded road trips

Ecommerce Revolution: The Remarkable Sil-Grocery Turnaround

Unveil Sil-Grocery's story of resilience and innovation as they transformed their mobile application into a universally accessible platform.

80% ↑
app usage
35% ↑

Upthrust Transforms Carorbis: 463% Surge in Organic Traffic, 3x Conversions

Upthrust provided a comprehensive, customized digital marketing solution to Carorbis that significantly improved their organic rankings, optimized their ad spend, and bolstered their conversion rates.

↑ 463%
Organic Traffic
↑ 3x
Conversion Rates

How Upthrust helped TheBitMaster increase growth rate by 35.78% and boost revenue in 6 months

Upthrust helped TheBitMaster identify the target persona, create a strategy to overcome barriers and launch a full-fledged campaign. This resulted in an impressive 35.78% increase in growth rate and a boost in revenue.

↑ 35.78%
Growth Rate
ROAS on Google Ads
West LA Hair

How Upthrust helped West LA Hair, increase appointment bookings by 122% and reduce CAC by 41%

Upthrust helped West LA Hair develop a successful digital marketing strategy, resulting in a massive increase in appointment bookings and a significant reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

↑ 122%
Appointment Bookings
41% ↓
Customer Acquisition Cost

How we helped Petco promote their Unleashed store grand opening and drive foot traffic, increasing store visits by 25%

Utilizing geo, behavioral, and contextual targeting, we launched a hyper-local campaign for Petco Unleashed, employing diverse ad formats to achieve a 25% boost in-store visits.

↑ 25%
In-store visits during the grand opening campaign.
↑ 18%
Click-through rates (CTRs) compared to the industry average.

How we helped Fitwell to increase user acquisition by 21%

Crafting a nuanced B2B strategy for Fitwell, we strategically aligned their business model with end-user value, a key driver in our remarkable success story with the brand.

Boost - User acquisition
New Subscribers
Quietly successful

How we helped Quietly Successful increase lead conversion rate by 123%

To attract and retain qualified traffic we started with intelligent persona research leading to laser targeting, In-tentful demographics, and problem awareness ads. Amplifying the message to only sufferers.

↑ 13%
Conversion Rate
High quality leads