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Harley-Davidson Boosts Brand Engagement with Innovative Campaigns

Our agency partnered with Harley-Davidson to develop an innovative, multi-channel campaign centered around the theme of freedom. The goal was to generate excitement and engagement among Harley’s existing riders while also appealing to aspiring and younger motorcyclists. The campaign for the Harley-Davidson X440 model used cryptic teasers, social challenges, and immersive experiences to create intrigue. Influencers and the #RideForFreedom hashtag amplified engagement. A grand product launch event crowned the effort, offering the X440 as the coveted prize for participants.


Marketing strategy

Campaign origin

Gurugram, India


Over 2 Million
views garnered by teaser ads


20+ influencers
participated in branded road trips


Our strategy aimed to reposition Harley as a symbol of freedom and rebellion for younger audiences. Key elements included:

  • Emotional messaging around adventure, escape and living on one's terms
  • Building mystery and exclusivity around the new X440 model
  • Leveraging influencers and social challenges to organically spread #RideForFreedom
  • Teaser content and vague hints to fuel speculation and anticipation
  • Immersive experiences that let audiences embrace the Harley lifestyle
  • Driving user-generated content and engagement tied to #RideForFreedom
  • Using the X440 launch and grand prize incentive to motivate actions

By making Harley feel aspirational yet rebelliously exclusive, we sought to ignite passion and advocacy among younger riders.


To execute on our strategy, we developed an integrated campaign mix focused on mystery, exclusivity and experiential marketing. Tactics included:

  • Cryptic out-of-home ads with intriguing quotes and imagery that hinted at the X440 but revealed few details. These drove curiosity and speculation.
  • Cinematic teaser videos that showed quick glimpses of motorcycle freedom without fully exposing the new bike. Dark, moody lighting added to the intrigue.
  • Influencer seeding with motovloggers and bike experts who participated in top-secret X440 test rides and shared limited sneak peeks.
  • Immersive consumer experiences including secret codes at brand events to access restricted areas and spy-themed merchandise.
  • The #RideForFreedom social challenge that encouraged UGC around what freedom means while subtly promoting Harley's values.
  • An exclusive X440 launch event and grand prize giveaway to reward engaged audiences with ultimate insider access.
  • Paid boosting to amplify organic content and promote influencer posts, ads and the launch event.


The multi-faceted freedom campaign exceeded expectations and achieved impressive results:

  • Teaser ads garnered over 2 million views and fueled speculation around Harley’s new X440 model
  • #RideForFreedom challenges earned 5X more engagement than previous campaigns
  • Over 20 influencers participated in branded road trips and test ride events for the X440
  • X440 pre-orders surpassed sales targets following the exclusive launch event
  • Positive sentiment and brand interest increased double-digits among younger demographics

By tapping into Harley’s core brand identity in an unexpected way, we helped reinvigorate audience passion for this legendary motorcycle company. The innovative, interactive campaign brought Harley’s message of freedom to life while expanding its appeal to new generations.


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