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Medical practice marketing 101: Tips to gain more patients

This article will give tips and insights on medical marketing strategies that could help you maintain relationships with your customers while promoting your services in a structured way. These are some of the best medical practice marketing tips for you:

Doctors can face issues retaining their customers. Use our medical practice marketing services to attract new patients and retain the existing ones.

As the famous adage goes, a good doctor doesn’t have a shortage of patients. However, the real news is that there is no shortage of good doctors either. Therefore, physicians might have to resort to medical practice marketing to keep the competition at bay and attract new patients while retaining the old ones. Process, Place, Price, Promotion, and People are the 5 Ps of marketing that can be introduced to improve healthcare services. If you are a doctor with no marketing idea, you read the right article.

This article will give tips and insights on medical marketing strategies that could help you maintain relationships with your customers while promoting your services in a structured way. These are some of the best medical practice marketing tips for you:

1. Start a website

Yes, we know you are not a developer, but as every other professional wants to establish his supremacy over the online market, doctors like you should also strive for it. Creating an online presence is a basic necessity to create an attractive website. The website must contain details of all your accolades and services.

Basic Details should be feasible for the consumers to connect with you. You don’t have to build the website yourself, as many freelancers will be ready to do it for you at affordable rates. You can find them on Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing platforms.

2. Start a blog

medical practice marketing

If you already have a website, you could add a blog section. You can either write the blogs yourself or hire a writer on your behalf. These blogs can contain some case studies, your expertise, the current trends in the medical field, or any topic on which you can write freely. The key is to retain the attention of your readers.

Starting a blog can suffice your marketing requirements if you don’t have a website. As a clever marketing expert, don’t reveal your expertise as it might help your competitors. Also, going into the technical things of the treatment methods will not make much of a difference in the life of patients. The blogs must only highlight your skills and establish your supremacy in the medical field.

Once you start your website or blog, don’t forget to use SEO services from a digital marketing agency or expert. It will keep your website/blog on the top of search engine pages and help you drive traffic to your website. Local SEO for your website or blog can also be an excellent way to ensure a steady flow of patients to your hospital.

3. Be active on social media

Nowadays, most people spend hours on social media consuming content on diverse topics. Many are curious to know about health and related matters. This is where medical practitioners can thrive. You can create your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and connect with potential patients daily. Giving them some tips on health and wellness can help you win over their trust. You may also create a channel on YouTube if you like vlogging.

 These social media platforms will help you maintain relationships with the people and may also connect to the physicians, health care workers, and other professionals in the medical field to gain from their advice and experience. Once in a while, promote your medical services through social media channels. Also, take help from content marketing experts to help you with daily posts, marketing activities, and campaigns.

4. Don't refrain from publicity

Many journalists and TV news channels are actively seeking the support of doctors and surgeons who can speak on health matters and impart useful knowledge to their customers. Embrace such opportunities as they provide you with free publicity. You may also give interviews to newspapers or write a newspaper column to attract new patients and admirers. The most famous doctors always tend to be busy with various other activities. Effective utilization of these will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can participate in TV debates, and talk shows to be a celebrity doctor. You can also stream live on various social media channels to help patients suffering from multiple issues in real-time. Such activities will boost your public image, and people will start considering you as a reputed doctor, which will automatically help you attract new patients.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite popular and influential among marketers. It is because it opens a new realm of possibilities for them. Note the email id of people who subscribe to your services through a website or by visiting your hospital or clinic. You can do this by providing them with a feedback form when they avail of your services. Or else, you can ask the visitors to subscribe to your newsletters.

 Through the newsletters, you can inform them about your new services or discounted rates to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions or ailments. Once you have enough email ids in your database, you can use them for email marketing. It simply means you can create email campaigns and target audiences by informing them about your new services, offers, etc. You can also provide links to your e-books or blogs through these emails. Hosting a webinar to connect with multiple people at once can also be a smart marketing plan. You can send the invite link to the webinar through emails.

 If you don’t know how to create a newsletter, you can utilize MailChimp platforms with pre-built templates and sample newsletters. You can start by talking about the unique experiences in your medical career. Over time, you will gain multiple readers who might also be your new patients whenever they require medical assistance.

6. Surprise gifts

Receiving a gift from a doctor may sound a bit weird at times. However, it might work for some doctors. If you are a pediatrician, give drawing books, storybooks, water bottles, and other souvenirs to some of your patients. The parents and kids will remember this good gesture and might seek help from you in the future as well. 

Even regular physicians can adopt these tricks to up their marketing plans. Remember that healthcare practice marketing does not have to be done only through online mediums. Even simple gestures like giving gifts to the patients can make a lot of difference, especially when retaining the patients.

7. Patient referral programs

A patient referral program can help you attract new patients through your existing patients. You can print your cards and provide the space for the patients to enter their names before giving them to someone who requires your medical services. Goodwill message hardcopies can be given to motivate people to refer your services to their friends and family. When you receive a certain number of referrals from one person, you can provide them with special discounts or gifts.

The above medical practice marketing tips and ideas will help you achieve an edge over other medical practitioners in your city. Also, you must consistently modify your healthcare marketing strategies per the ongoing trends and evolving requirements. If you require any assistance regarding healthcare practice marketing, you can contact us or book a meeting with our team. For more details regarding our digital marketing services, visit our portal today.

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