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5 Key Benefits of Social Media for Customer Success

Focusing on Customer Success and leveraging Social Media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin can transform how companies support and retain customers. This blog explores the five key benefits of this approach, ultimately increasing customer retention by fostering stronger relationships, gathering feedback, and driving engagement, turning customers into long-term advocates.

Congrats! You marketed your software on social media and made that sale!

Now what?

It's not just about selling, is it?

Your product stands for more than that. You stand for more than that; You stand for easier days, easier lives, happier lives. So selling can't be the end of it.

Wouldn't it be better if you could run that campaign idea through your customers first through Social Media polls, instead of after the launch?

If instead of emailing and calling, you picked a platform and offered real-time support through it?

Instead of just using social media to just sell, use it to enhance your Customer Success.

A direct line to your customers, a community that they can't find anywhere else.

The Customer Success Myth

Here are my top 5 ways to ensure customer success in B2B SaaS using social media:

1. Real-time engagement:

Probably THE most underrated feature of social media is this. Where the regular ways prove to be slow and impersonal, picking a social media channel/ platform can provide the instant gratification your clients want when engaging online. Respond to those comments, be interested in your customers and see how it equips you to ease the lives of your internal support team by trouble-shooting issues in real time!

2. Building Relationships:

The oldest trick in the book? Not really. More like the only true key to customer success. Transactional interactions although provide value, but that value is often just material, and doesn't go beyond the screens. 

Making your client download that newsletter is great, but stopping at that is limiting yourself. Go ahead and  check up on them, on their opinions on it! They might have something meaningful to add!

3. Proactive Customer Insights:

The drench of customer insights through support tickets is lagging enough. The power of social media ,is the urgency with which it addresses issues. Monitoring brand mentions and customer conversations in comments may seem tedious but it can fuel your insights the most. Of course, it only benefits further when you're able to navigate those conversations once you have a grip on emerging concerns.

A growing number of tweets complaining about a recent update is your chance to address potential  issues before they escalate into a widespread churn. 

4. Showcasing Value Beyond Product:

Blogs and Brochures are extremely valuable, but for a dynamic interaction with those pieces, you need to engage people. Social media does an excellent job in showcasing additional product values. 

Educational content, success stories from existing clients, or industry trends put through your social media channels can make what is usually a one dimensional way of going through SaaS, extremely engaging, and EASY!

5. Employee Advocacy:

You know the best people to work for your product? The people who are working on your product. 

It's not just the product or the service, that keep your clients and audiences cheered up, but seeing actual people interact and talk about that product. It propagates your vision and version of the product, build trust by showing that your company, your culture, actually values its customers.

Benefits of Social Media in Customer Success

In it's essence, social media goes much beyond traditional marketing tactics. By implementing the above components through your social media you're on your way to building not only a loyal but also a much more proactive customer base!

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