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We are the Dads for Paid Ads

We ensure that your audience doesn't turn into a scroll zombie. With crisp and interactive ads on various social media, our experts ensure that your ads are seen and catch your audience's eye.

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Our Services

Let your money's worth show.

We aren't a regular paid social agency. Services we provide help you widen your audience and give your organization the needed exposure. We talk numbers, and may it be your data numbers or costs, the result will always be your growth.

Facebook Ads

They will help you target audiences based on their location, gender, education, connections, and much more.

Spotify Ads

We will ensure you get heard while focusing on your services and organization.

Instagram Ads

With better audience-engaging tools and media types, our team promotes engagement, builds brand presence, and promotes more conversions to your website.

Twitter Ads

One of the fastest media to promote lead generation and brand awareness. It's a concise way to convey your message to your target audience.

Linkedin Ads

For ones focusing on specificities such as title, industry, job title, or more, this is the apt media to nail your potential clients.

Snapchat Advertising

It is an effective way for brands to build their name majorly through various media and creative means available on snapchat.

About This Service

Let your investment show growth

We create to engage your audiences in an interactive and scintillating interaction, leaving them enraptured and wanting more.

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Step 1

Audience research and targeting

We Find and target the right audience using data and analysis.

Step 2

Campaign creation and management

The apt campaign and content which suits your future goals are strategized and created.

Step 3

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Customizing your plans by monitoring results and optimizing them for sustainable growth.

Our Process

The Holy Trinity of Paid Marketing

Our experts identify the perfect medium fit for your marketing goals, keeping your spent finances low, and R.O.I. high by the following three steps

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Case Study

How we helped Fitwel to increase User acquisition by 21%

“We had to craft a finely brainstormed strategy since the business model was B2B but Fitwel capitalizes on its value provided to end users.

John Carter
VP of Marketing at Olive Clothing
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