Olive Clothing

How Upthrust helped Olive Clothing decrease CPA by 40% and boost overall revenue by 1.54x

Upthrust successfully collaborated with Olive Clothing to restructure their advertising efforts, implement a robust funnel, and diversify their advertising portfolio, leading to a 40% decrease in CPA and a 1.54x boost in overall revenue.


Growth Marketing


Facebook ADs & Tiktok Ads, Email Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization

Result 1

Decrease in CPA

Result 2

Boost in overall revenue

Project Overview

Olive Clothing grappled with a perplexing problem that threatened its growth potential - soaring costs per purchase. The first step was to create a proper funnel with exclusions at each stage to improve targeting. Communication processes were established to streamline operations and ensure year-round responsiveness. Their DPA-only account was diversified to include UGC, TikTok-style videos, and brand creatives.
High Costs per Purchase
Lack of Proper Funnel
Need for Diversification in Advertising


Upthrust consolidated all the warm and hot audiences into one ad set, which included social engagers, website visitors, and anyone who strongly intends to buy. Specific campaigns were created for each unique collection, featuring best-selling products and targeting audiences that fit each theme. Audience time stacks of 3 days, 7 days, etc., were used to optimize targeting.
Audience Consolidation
Creation of Unique Campaigns
Optimization of Targeting‍


The execution resulted in a significant 40% decrease in CPA and a 1.54x boost in overall revenue, with a 24% reduction in cost per purchase. Olive Clothing achieved close to 3x their previous revenue at 8.36x MER, generating $215,658.79 over 1.5 years.
40% Decrease in CPA
1.54x Boost in Overall Revenue


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Tim Roter
Director, M.C Overalls

We hired the Upthrust Team to assist us with our Google and Facebook advertising. I’m very happy to report that, my business is starting to take off! I can see a consistent flow of new clients coming into the business. They are driven by integrity and passion for optimization.

Joel Annesley
Founder, Quietly Successful

They produced an incredible all round marketing strategy . The team can optimise growth for the short and long term. If you want to stand out in your business online, go with these guys. They will have you saying wow at their intelligence, creativity and ideas.

Kaitlyn Cook
Founder, KCC

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