Housr: Homes & Co-living
May 2023

Housr's Digital Transformation: A UI/UX Redesign Journey by Upthrust

Upthrust transformed Housr's digital presence with a user-centric redesign, driving a 70% surge in website usage and a 40% boost in conversions, truly embodying the upthrust required for Housr's successful digital launch.


Website Redesign



Result 1

Website Usage Increased

Result 2

Conversion Rate Increased

Ignition Sequence Start - Our New Mission

Upthrust believes in one thing: providing businesses with the "Upthrust" they require to soar. Every firm, like a rocket launched into the vast expanse of space, requires that initial push, that ignition, to send them into the stratosphere of prosperity. Our objective was to provide Housr, a beacon of premium coliving spaces in India, this boost through a full website revamp.

Preparing for Liftoff - The Concept of Coliving

Coliving spaces are like stars that have just exploded into being in the universe of urban living. They represent a communal, linked, and convenient way of life and are a representation of shared experiences. Housr, an emerging star in this space, tasked us with developing their online image to match the amazing experience they provide to its members.

Countdown Begins - The Mission's Goals

Our goal was simple: develop a user interface and user experience that not only increased conversion rates but also provided users with a smooth and intuitive journey. We were tasked with creating a digital environment that mirrored Housr's actual facilities, seamlessly mixing luxury, comfort, and increased user experience.

Assembling the Rocket - Laying Out Our Plans

We started out to map the current topography, utilising a rigorous Heuristic Evaluation to uncover the parts that needed to be improved. Every identified area was a stage in our launch vehicle, from first impressions to site navigation, from content consistency to creating trust, and from boosting interaction to optimising form design.

Ignition - Executing the Redesign

Executing the RedesignWe launched our makeover mission when the countdown approached zero. Every gradient, every layout change, every interaction was a planned explosion that accelerated our mission. We built a digital world that resonated with Housr's wide audience by balancing the elegance of an expensive coliving experience with the whimsical aesthetics of a thriving community.

Liftoff - Reveling in the Success

The most satisfying part of each launch is when the rocket successfully enters the atmosphere. Our proudest moment was seeing a 70% increase in Housr's website usage and a 40% increase in conversion rate! Housr's digital presence had been successfully launched into orbit thanks to our painstaking work.

Epilogue: Orbiting Success - The Takeaway from Our Mission

Our experience with Housr is more than just a case study; it's a space trip that Upthrust embarked on, demonstrating the potential of user-centric design in effectively launching a brand's digital identity. Our aim was to give Housr's digital presence a much-needed boost, and we succeeded.

We navigated the enormous universe of coliving, recognizing its complexities and nuances, and built a digital ecosystem that reflected the comfort, convenience, and community that Housr is known for. As we orbit this success, we look ahead to our next mission, the next business ready to launch, the next success story ready to be shared.

We at Upthrust are committed to launching your business success through every line of code, every pixel on the screen, and every user interaction. Every great launch, after all, begins with an upthrust.


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