Boosting Lead Generation for Healthcare IT Provider Rescribe

Upthrust implemented an integrated lead gen strategy for Rescribe combining LinkedIn ads, email nurturing campaigns, and organic social media posting. LinkedIn ads focused on resonating with hospital executives’ pain points around workflows, data silos, and physician burnout. Email nurturing was designed to educate prospects on Rescribe’s solutions and social media posts built awareness and credibility.


B2B Marketing


Linkedin, Email & Social Media Marketing

Cost per lead

↓ 29%
cost per lead

increase in website traffic

28% ↑
website traffic


To attract healthcare decision makers, our strategic LinkedIn ads targeted titles like Hospital CIO, Healthcare IT Director, and Practice Administrator. Ads spotlighted Rescribe's solutions for issues like data silos, workflow bottlenecks, and physician burnout.

Email nurturing focused on educating prospects with content like implementation guides, security whitepapers, and customer success stories. Email copy and offers aligned to different user personas and buying stages.

For social media, we followed an editorial calendar spanning topics like digital transformation, patient experience, and connected care. Posts included infographics, statistic snapshots, and perspective articles.

We created diffrent buyer person's based on the current customers Rescribe has and also speaking with the company founder and their sales teamWe identified job titles or functions that has to be excluded and developed a deep understanding on the ICP for Rescribe


  • Ran A/B testing on ad creative and messaging to optimize conversion rates
  • Leveraged retargeting to re-engage visitors who left the website
  • Created customized, interactive demos for sales to close leads
  • Automated workflows to promptly respond and assign inbound leads
  • Aligned sales and marketing with SLAs for lead qualification and handoff

The integrated strategy coupled a high-volume, multi-channel approach to generate leads with polished execution for sales qualification and velocity.

We create current customer lists and competitor company lists on linkedin and we added more data to it every week and excluded them from our campaigns. We started with linkedin lead gen form campaigns as from our experience they tend to work better as compared to landing pages.

We tested diffrent audiences that we created and diffrent lead gen forms as well after running ads for 2 weeks we figured out the hooks and angles that are working and found which ads had the highest CTR and which forms have the highest form completion rate.

We got few leads with this, the lead quality was good but the volume was not satisfactoryThen we made adjustments to our existing campaigns using our learnings and relaunched the campaigns again


In the first 90 days,  we are expecing the integrated strategy to produce:

  • 28% increase in website traffic from LinkedIn
  • 62 sales qualified leads generated via emails and LinkedIn
  • Lower cost per lead by 29% through ongoing campaign optimization
  • 11.2% social media engagement rate, far exceeding the healthcare benchmark

The multi-channel approach is intended to deliver a strong influx of qualified prospects into Rescribe’s sales pipeline.


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Tim Roter
Director, M.C Overalls

We hired the Upthrust Team to assist us with our Google and Facebook advertising. I’m very happy to report that, my business is starting to take off! I can see a consistent flow of new clients coming into the business. They are driven by integrity and passion for optimization.

Joel Annesley
Founder, Quietly Successful

They produced an incredible all round marketing strategy . The team can optimise growth for the short and long term. If you want to stand out in your business online, go with these guys. They will have you saying wow at their intelligence, creativity and ideas.

Kaitlyn Cook
Founder, KCC

Upthrust was our solution when we were struggling. They dug deep into our business, and their expertise showed. With just a $4900 investment, our revenue multiplied by 2.7 times, reaching an impressive $51,479 monthly. The team at Upthrust truly understands digital sales and growth, focusing on the results that matter. At The Lash Supply, we value their practical and effective approach.

Founder, The Lash Supply

Upthrust means business - growth, performance, and revenue are their focus. As a young company, we had reservations about hiring an agency, but Upthrust quickly became more than just a team - they became our partners. They helped us navigate complex growth paths, always going the extra mile. A clear understanding of our goals led to a strategic plan that resulted in impressive growth. With Upthrust, you're not outsourcing but gaining a growth partner.

Hero - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Founder, Jewel Marvels

Running an online auto parts store at Carorbis, we struggled with stagnant growth, poor traffic, ineffective ads, and low conversion rates. That's when we met Akshay at Upthrust. Their team devised a plan that promised to boost our organic rankings, optimize ad spend, and plug our conversion funnel leaks. Six months in, we've witnessed a 463% increase in organic traffic, significantly improved ad performance, and a near tripling of our conversion rates. All credit to the phenomenal team at Upthrust

Founder, Cororbis

At Housr, we struggled with the quantity and quality of leads for our diverse portfolio of properties. This challenge directly impacted our conversion rates. With Upthrust's involvement, we saw a notable boost in leads and conversions. Their expertise in search engine marketing, Google ads, and budget allocation were instrumental in hitting our targets. We now receive property-specific leads, and our online presence has skyrocketed. Its deep engagement with our evolving needs sets Upthrust apart, enabling them to craft strategies that drive our growth.

Marketing Head, Housr

Teaming up with Upthrust made a world of difference for us at Olive Clothing. We were grappling with high costs per purchase, but their strategic interventions turned things around. They designed an intelligent funnel for us, diversified our ads, and consolidated our audiences - all of which led to a substantial 40% decrease in cost per acquisition. Not only did they bring down costs, but they also boosted our overall revenue by 1.54 times. Partnering with Upthrust has proven to be a game-changing decision for our growth.

Natalie Evans
Founder, Olive Clothing

Upthrust got us at L'Oréal. They guided us with insightful strategies to pinpoint precisely our target audience. It was an intelligent mix of behavioral, demographic, and contextual targeting. The result? A remarkable 45% sales growth for our products, and cost per sale was reduced by 60%. This wasn't just a numbers game; it was about effectively reaching out to genuine people. Thanks to Upthrust, we saw real growth.

Erika Valdez
Marketing Director, Loreal

Petco was about to launch a new Unleashed boutique store, and we needed help getting the word out. Upthrust came in and focused on connecting with local pet owners. They placed ads on local news sites and other places our potential customers would likely visit. And guess what? It worked! The ads hit home, with more people clicking on them than we usually see in this industry. But the real success was in the foot traffic. Thanks to the campaign, our store was buzzing with 25% more visitors than usual. Upthrust also gave us some great tips on how to reach out to our local community in the future.

Katie Nauman
Marketing, Petco

Teaming up with Upthrust was the best decision we made. They took the time to get Aikido and our unique place in the market truly. With this understanding, they masterfully crafted and executed a strategy that led to an impressive 372% increase in organic growth and a whopping 482% rise in platform demos. In simple words, they made a massive difference to our business!

Ron Altmen
Founder, Aikido

Our collaboration with Upthrust has been transformative. Their targeted approach led to a remarkable decrease in lead cost and a significant increase in lead quality. We also saw a massive decrease in our client acquisition cost. Their strategic and efficient handling of our unique needs has been instrumental in driving our company's performance and profitability.

Alan taylor
Founder, Mukunda Foods

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