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Top 19 Video Marketing Agencies to Look out for in 2022

The world of digital marketing is changing at lightspeed. In every part of the digital world, marketers and brands are forced to adapt to these changes or drown out. One of the challenges coming up is the need to create compelling and immersive content. You can no longer rely on text or still imagery.

The world of digital marketing is changing at lightspeed. In every part of the digital world, marketers and brands are forced to adapt to these changes or drown out. One of the challenges coming up is the need to create compelling and immersive content. You can no longer rely on text or still imagery.
Video marketing is establishing itself to be the most potent form of digital marketing. And what matters more than anything is the quality of that video. From short explainer videos to long-form web series, video marketing strategies are helping brands grab the attention of their target audience. Video marketing can help you build your presence, drive targeted traffic, raise brand awareness and generate leads.

As everyone is grappling with the fact that video content is the king of all digital content and the end of the year quickly approaching, we present a curated list of 19 video marketing agencies you must look out for in 2022.

1. Craftoon

As a strategic video marketing partner, Craftoon is a valuable asset since its videos help brands navigate the challenges of conveying their message to audiences in the best way possible. It can be hard to distinguish yourself from your competitors without good visuals and animation content and get people’s attention in this modern marketing landscape. Craftoon is able to execute effective strategies to help these businesses accomplish several of their goals. Their videos have always been a big hit in terms of engagement, especially with their videos being more imaginative, interactive, attention-grabbing, whimsical videos that increase engagement. These purposefully optimized, animated films are directly correlated to higher conversions and the client’s return on investment. Their expertise doesn’t end at creating short films either – they also provide content creation services that aid brand development.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2017
  • TEAM SIZE : 1 - 10 employees
  • CLIENTS : BlackBerry, Nestle, Cargill

2. Upthrust Inc.

Upthrust is a marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. It is a growth and advertising agency that specializes in building brands. They design persuasive customer acquisition strategies, provide support for all aspects of marketing, handle brand engagement across multiple channels, work with every part of the funnel to drive sales, and use innovative solutions to push any size business ahead of its competitors.
This award-winning team of strategists operates on a mission to help its clients achieve their business goals through quality servicing. The Upthrust solution comes from the minds of skilled individuals who understand the online environment better than anyone else in the industry and are ready to help your company succeed. Service, partnership, family and ambition are values that this young startup chose long ago and has produced unabated results for its clients.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2021
  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees
  • CLIENTS : Dell, Sumitomo Group, Get rich or die trucking, NUHS

3. Epipheo

Epipheo is a video production agency that delivers businesses with strategical collaboration with various agencies ranging from marketing companies to agencies specializing in building an individual brand. They also offer their services in developing strategies when working on CDR and CRM management plans. They take the time to examine their clients’ business structure and create a plan of action utilizing multimedia elements using resources like external contacts, databases, media platforms, and networks. While they have presented their clients with quality work by executing various multimedia projects like demand generation campaigns via digital and social channels and SEO services, Epipheo has also become known for its strategic approach towards handling potential problems within organizations through its innovative team of creative directors.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2009
  • TEAM SIZE : 51-100 employees
  • CLIENTS : Walmart, Centifuse, Pepper & Wits

4. Evestar

Evestar is an SEO-driven eCommerce agency servicing some of the world’s most recognized brands. They use proprietary metrics to determine a business’ readiness for immediate scale, then work at warp speed to convert traffic into revenue by converting casual browsers into loyal customers by increasing traffic, decreasing CAC and delivering on customer acquisition campaigns through segmented, personalized online marketing channels. Unlike traditional agencies that seem fixated on getting your business in the news even though they have no idea how to do it, they’ll help you understand what makes consumers tick and how to bring them back again and again with relevant, responsive copywriting and content creation along with a keen focus on your store’s functionality that doesn’t leave the user frustrated so that you can increase revenue instead of just customer count – more bang for your buck.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2018
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees
  • CLIENTS : Steve Madden, Noli Yoga, Masqd

5. TopLine Film

TopLine Film is a UK based award-winning video marketing agency that offers a full suite of video marketing services for domestic and international clientele. They work with businesses on strategy, production, and distribution of corporate films, branding videos, training films and explainer videos for your product or service. The company provides every facet of video production, including strategy, display, and distribution. TopLine Film’s skilled team have an exceptional track record in bringing the most innovative brand storytelling to life through animation in 2D and 3D, motion graphics and green screen segments.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2008
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees
  • CLIENTS : American Express, BAFTA, Trustpilot

6. Oranje

Oranje works mainly with the manufacturing industry helping create promotional and instructional videos for organizations of all kinds to help increase their revenue every year. Taking a strategic approach to conceptualizing these pieces and understanding your target audience is what elevates this agency above others. Their work ranges from crafting messages designed explicitly towards specific target audiences to find out where in their geographic area you might distribute your videos to garner the most attention possible. Oranje offers exclusive video marketing strategies to clients to obtain the right equipment, production, placement, and promotion of these videos when they need some extra push behind their marketing campaign!

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2012
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees
  • CLIENTS : Air Canada, Procycle, EBI electric

7. Commotion Engine

Whether your project requires the services of a videographer, entrepreneur or graphic designer, Commotion Engine is available to help. With decades of combined expertise in video production and the support of local businesses in Baltimore, Commotion Engine’s team has acquired the knowledge needed to produce content that enhances impactful change. Being a property lead provider for various communities since 2013 has enabled them to capture priceless moments and tell them in creative ways as they continue developing talent within their network. This innovative company offers world-class customer support, fast turnaround times, and a range of different services that are always delivered on time.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2013
  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees
  • CLIENTS : Kahua, Amazon, Dropbox

8. NoGood

NoGood can really hold its own when it comes to having an advantage over other agencies – they’re familiar with the ins and outs of video marketing and how to execute it on various social media platforms such as Youtube or Facebook. The agency has received many accolades, including First Prize in the Brand Innovator’s Service Award 2016, which says a lot about their ability to consistently deliver exceptional results for their clients, no matter where they may lead them. Whether you need more demand generation, new campaigns set into motion, or are simply paying attention to the power of video in generating conversions for your business growth – NoGood is your go-to solution! The agency has years of experience boasting proven results with various brands. NoGood helps craft expertly, attract and engage consumers using exclusive creative campaigns to increase conversions.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2017
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees
  • CLIENTS : Nike, Bytedance, Steer

9. Techxide

Techxide is a digital consulting firm that works with companies worldwide to deliver creative solutions and find ways for their brands to succeed online. They accumulate all of their business online, and that’s where their clients find and hire them for their next logo project. They have over ten years of experience working with digital agencies and providing the best branding services to companies who want an iconic brand logo design without spending unnecessarily on expensive brand consultants. They help you plan and create your brand’s look and feel in the digital world. Their holistic approach to branding adjusts to how your organization wants it to work in the digital space.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2019
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees
  • CLIENTS : Kane Law, JNB Investments, Tolman Trade Services

10. Handplayed

Handplayed specializes in creating exceptional content for your business. Considered one of the most prestigious production company’s in the region, they specialize in video, short film, and music video production. In addition to helping other businesses get started with their marketing strategy by creating a winning marketing proposal, Handplayed also offers end-to-end services such as videography, editing and more! Before diving into anything else, they make all aspects of successful content, including scripts and soundtracks! The company provides services in producing, post-production, and distributing their award-winning videos. It has a knack for a marketing strategy to promote your products via the world wide web.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2015
  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees
  • CLIENTS : Telenor, KitKat, Absolut Vodka

11. Voy Media

Focused on video development, this company has created content for many customers in the past. They aim to produce engaging content that delivers the message to your audience in a memorable and relatable way, which will help you stand out from the crowd. This agency creates, crafts and executes custom-designed strategic marketing campaigns to produce optimal results with audiences across the internet using specific social media videos for Youtube and other social media platforms. Their focus is to create video content that delivers the right message to an audience at the right time.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2016
  • TEAM SIZE : 10-20 employees
  • CLIENTS : UMG Gaming, XG Cargo, Therabox

12. Early Light Media

Early Light Media is a boutique video production house based in Baltimore, Maryland. They supply video production services for clients of all sizes and fabricate ways to evoke empathy – which is what their clients are really after. This type of emotional connection drives their clients to produce high-quality content, resulting in great content for the many stellar projects they work on. It is a home-based business that specializes in animation and video production. Their impressive portfolio includes work with both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2010
  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees
  • CLIENTS : National Geographic, Under Armour, AstraZeneca

13. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive is passionate about building trusted relationships with brands on a foundation that begins with your business and marketing results. All beneficial relationships require work from both parties to be successful. They partner with their clients to understand the why behind their business, the goals, and the impact on their customers and business operations. They translate this into a unique and authentic marketing strategy to get everyone there together. They are marketers who have recognized that the way businesses and brands market themselves in today’s world is flawed. This model of throwing budget at extensive brand campaigns hasn’t worked. Instead, it has created a fragmented, messy and confusing digital footprint that doesn’t result in genuine customers becoming loyal fans and advocates.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2012
  • TEAM SIZE : 100-250 employees
  • CLIENTS : Adobe, Scotts MiracleGro, Litter-Robot

14. LAI Video

LAI is an agency that specializes in creating compelling video marketing campaigns. The company is committed to building authentic connections with its clients by going beyond the industry standards and tailoring each campaign to the specific needs of its audience. The result is emotionally moving videos and push engagement up so businesses can continue sharing their stories seamlessly across multiple platforms for years to come. This video production agency develops and produces high-quality videos for various industries, including non-profit organizations to businesses and schools. Understanding the impact video can have on audiences today, LAI produces captivating videos for individuals and groups on websites and social media channels that resonate with viewers and leave them with a memorable impression.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2013
  • TEAM SIZE : 10-20 employees
  • CLIENTS : Amazon, FOX Architects, DC Education Fund

15. Sandwich Video

This in-house video marketing agency offers a variety of services to help customers advertise their products and services. Video ads are created using what they call an ‘iterative’ design method, which is a process that involves creating videos from scratch again and again until the advertised product or service has been met. Their process is substantially different from the traditional approach because they often interview their prospects before developing a strategy and preparing their attempt. Combining these steps has resulted in successful ventures with businesses ranging from startups or small-time firms to publicly traded corporations. Their services include writing scripts, shooting and directing the video ad, compositing, editing, color grading and adding titles to the video, and audio mixing and sound design/enhancement. They also offer post-production consulting where they discuss how best to promote their videos on social media sites.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2009
  • TEAM SIZE : 60-70 employees
  • CLIENTS : Rothy’s, Stitch Fix, Slack


MINIM is an award-winning creative content agency based in Costa Mesa, California; they have lots of experience in the content department. Revamping their brand identity and establishing a new website to showcase the core services they offer, they’ve been able to help MINIM’s customers achieve their marketing objectives. But they don’t just stop at videos! Because they understand that no two businesses have the same goals or brand messaging, at MINIM, their marketing experts work with you to develop a strategy that will help reach and engage your customers for the long term.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2017
  • TEAM SIZE : 11-40 employees
  • CLIENTS :AT&T, Microsoft, Gorjana, and NFL

17. Second Home Studios

Second Home Studios is a video production agency and animation studio based in Birmingham, U.K. Their unique combination of stop motion video, puppetry, and model making has earned them several awards. They offer their clients a robust suite of video marketing services with state-of-the-art technology and creative thinking to ensure videos meet their clients’ needs. Many of their videos have been seen as viral internet videos and have millions of views. Their unique services include 2D animation, stop motion, puppet making and model making; this allows Second Home to differentiate from other agencies with their innovative approach to each project. By combining each artist’s skills working on each project, Second Home Studios can provide imaginative services for their clients.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2004
  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees
  • CLIENTS : BBC, ITV, LegoSteer

18. SocialSEO

SocialSEO’s growth as an agency has allowed them to aid companies throughout the United States. As a small business, there isn’t much time for trust and faith when it comes down to what you can get out of the services you acquire. The decision someone makes to purchase an SME’s services could be the make or break moment for the business, so this is why they take pride in giving their customers exactly what they need, whether that be a short term solution or long term results. This includes creating tangible results ranging from conversions on eCommerce storefronts, driving traffic to a local brick-and-mortar business, or even gathering leads for companies looking to gain a leg up on their competition.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 1997
  • TEAM SIZE : 100-250 employees
  • CLIENTS : Jaguar, Land Rover, Ace Hardware

19. Ydraw

Ydraw is a one-stop animation services company that provides video solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their style of videos extends from Disney quality 2D animation to youtube video ads. Ydraw’s expertise doesn’t end with just producing your product video, but they also take the initiative in creating strategic video marketing campaigns. They help brands spread their message and give their story life with these quirky, fun and informative videos targeted towards children or teens. They build websites for businesses so that a vast audience will see their videos. They do more than make the video; they figure out what kind of advertising campaign should be used to maximize views so people can see how fantastic your company is! Whether you happen to be a small or big video channel, services are available just for you at affordable rates.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2011
  • TEAM SIZE : 20-30 employees
  • CLIENTS : 76ers, Khan Academy, Bluesafe

Video marketing has been on the rise since the day it was discovered, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. It has become an indispensable part of the marketing game, and it is crucial to invest in it. It has several benefits, and it is the most effective way to communicate a message or a product to your audience. You can use it to leverage your business, and the Return on Investment (ROI) is great. It is the second most used form of content after text and is the most-liked and shared form.

Video marketing is a hot topic at the moment, with more and more businesses trying to get their message across through video. According to the experts, the market is going to be driven by innovative and creative video marketing agencies that can deliver on the customer’s expectations and needs in a time frame that is going to be very short. The experts’ advice is to find a video marketing agency that has a proven track record and is one that will be able to offer a platform that is going to allow you to receive the business results that you need and want in the very near future. There are many different types of video marketing that you can use, so it’s essential to find the ideal agency to help you out. Our company has put together the following list, and we hope it can help you find the right agency for your needs.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the top 19 video marketing agencies to look out for in 2022. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your marketing campaigns when using video marketing. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t used video marketing for this holiday season, do not panic and begin now, it is never too late to start! Contact us through our website if you are interested in learning more about what we can do and want to make sure you get the best video marketing for your company today.

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