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Proper keywords with SEO marketing make your PPC advertising management successful. Upthrust’s experts increase your per click with their decades of experience.

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Eradicate filth & Improve Your Company’s ROI with the Best Google PPC Agency & PPC Advertising Management.

Upscale your online landscape with our PPC services such as Paid Search, Sponsored Shopping, YouTube Advertising, display ads, Remarketing ads, and Programmatic Advertising.

Paid Search

Keep yourself always on the top of search engine results with paid ads run by the best PPC agency. Upthrust is the best google PPC agency for paid ads.

Sponsored Shopping

Get the right product sponsored on the right platform with the best PPC agency. Upthrust guides the products to be sponsored on your platform.

Display Ads

PPC Ad Management Service is very common. But displaying your product Ads on the right website is not. It needs to be done with the right collaboration. It Indirectly increases your brand awareness.

Remarketing Strategy

Upthrust is the best PPC marketing agency near you that guides you to remarket your strategy according to the need of time. Remarketing with some analogies, a great slogan, can’t allow people to forget your brand.

Programmatic Advertising with the Best PPC Agency

Upthrust is a marketing PPC company that chooses the niche audience for you. Keep all the waste away and give you clean leads with its programmatic advertising expertise.

About This Service

Upthrust is the Best Google PPC Agency.

You must have heard the rumors about PPC Ad management services. But, before believing in those rumors, you must experience them yourself. Hence, focus on the new leads and sales instead of focusing and wasting time on thinking about questions like how to do PPC advertising, how much PPC advertising costs, how much PPC agencies charge, how to google AdWords agency pricing, and how to google PPC campaigns are run.

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Step 1


Before signing the Google PPC campaign contract with you, Upthrust will pop the hood on your business with a detailed free audit and growth plan.

Step 2


Upthrust provides the best PPC ad management services by clearing the baseline of current marketing efforts as the first thing. We design campaigns for each channel maintaining a holistic view of the overall PPC marketing strategy.

Step 3

Implementation & Tracking

Implementation and Tracking is the most important part of the Google PPC Campaign. Tracking helps in making immediate changes required in the campaign.

Our Process

Upthrust is among the Best PPC Agencies & PPC Advertising Management Company.

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Case Study

How we helped Fitwel to increase User acquisition by 21%

“We had to craft a finely brainstormed strategy since the business model was B2B but Fitwel capitalizes on its value provided to end users."

John Carter
VP of Marketing at Webflow
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