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Over 130+ ChatGPT Prompts

The #1 Most Advanced e-comm ChatGPT Prompt Bundle

Over 130+ proven and tested ChatGPT prompts for e-comm.
The Ultimate ChatGPT add-on for faster work.
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Struggling with the hero product? Found.
Brand story troubles? Crafted.
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Poor landing page conversions? Boosted.


Standard approaches often lack the depth and sophistication needed, leading to average and uninspiring results.
Our meticulously crafted prompts empower you to unlock a wealth of features, ensuring predictably superior outcomes for a multitude of tasks across diverse e-commerce sectors
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That's why we've meticulously curated and tested the most effective prompts to streamline and optimize your e-commerce operations
Tackle 100+ issues

From inventory management, product selection, brand storytelling, to customer acquisition, retention, and much more

Tackle 100+ issues

From inventory management, product selection, brand storytelling, to customer acquisition, retention, and much more

The most comprehensive Notion
template in the e-commerce realm.

With over 100+ issues and 100+ prompts.

Unleash the full potential.
ChatGPT with Upthrust's Notion Template.

ChatGPT thrives on precision. It's an intelligent algorithm, not a human.
Finding the right prompts can be time-consuming. It often involves a lot of trial and error to discover prompts that yield effective results.
It takes time to find quality prompts. There's a lot of trial and error involved in finding prompts that generate good results. 
Just a single word can ruin results. Slight wording change or punctuation can change output results.
Leveraging Upthrust's Notion Template

Amplifies efficiency

Compared to using ChatGPT
in the conventional manner
Leveraging Upthrust's Notion Template

Unveils possibilities

Compared to using ChatGPT
in the conventional manner
Leveraging Upthrust's Notion Template

Enhances outcomes

Compared to using ChatGPT
in the conventional manner

Streamline operations for all the routine e-commerce challenges.

Based on the amount of prompts used on average by ChatGPT users
Automate work for all the mundane marketing-related tasks
Included in With ChatGPT Notion template
marketing prompts
task's to Automate
tips and Tricks
General Marketing
Facebook Ads
Influencer Marketing
Website (CRO)
Youtube Marketing
TikTok Conten Creation
Linkedin Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Management


And counting. That's how many prompts are in Upthrust e-comm Notion Template - with lifetime updates.

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Select your issue

Pick your prompt

Unleash the solution

Upthrust's Notion Template features over 100+ prompts across a wide spectrum of e-commerce issues
You can streamline your operations in no time
Regardless of the industry, problem, or aspect of your e-commerce business.

Can you imagine 100+ e-commerce issues you can tackle?

The great news is, you don't have to
We've curated and tested prompts for a wide range of e-commerce issues. All you need to do is simply select the issue, choose the prompt, and leverage ChatGPT to your advantage
With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Inventory Management

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Finding The Hero Product

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

10X Landing Page

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Attracting and Hiring the Right People

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Choosing the Right Technology and Partners

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Low Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS)

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Customer Retention

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Low Customer
Lifetime Value (LTV)

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

High Return to Origin

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Customer Acquisition

With ChatGPT Notion template, automate


With ChatGPT Notion template, automate

Crushing the Competition

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Benefit Forever

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Lifetime Access, Lifetime Updates

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Bundle On The Planet


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Inventory Management

11+ prompts

Hero Product

34+ prompts

Brand Story

56+ prompts

Page Conversion

34+ prompts


35+ prompts


27+ prompts


89+ prompts

Customer Retention

41+ prompts


31+ prompts

High Return

28+ prompts

Customer Acquisition

41+ prompts


45+ prompts


11+ prompts
Total: 130+ prompts, 250+ tasks
Bonus: unlimited life updates
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Zero risk: 14-day money-back guarantee
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Upthrust’s Guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee

Copy, Paste, and Conquer E-Commerce.

Tested strategies for achieving remarkable results
Supreme ChatGPT E-Commerce Blueprint
Proven methods for getting great results

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The #1 Most Advanced e-Comm ChatGPT Prompt Bundle On The Planet



All of our Plug & Play ChatGPT prompts in one single bundle:

130+ Inventory Management Prompts
99+ Hero Product Prompts
79+ Brand Story Prompts
45+ Page Conversion Prompts
56+ Hiring Prompts
89+ Technology Prompts
41+ Customer Retention Prompts
23+ Startup Prompts
56+ High Return Prompts
78+ Customer Acquisition Prompts
Included: 130+ copy & paste prompts
Bonus: lifetime updates & community access
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After payment, you will receive the prompt pack immediately.

Your only way to break the current time & money cycle and save more time and money 👇

Reclaim countless hours with precise prompts tailored for ChatGPT:

100+ e-commerce challenge prompts ready to be copied and pasted into ChatGPT Elevate your e-commerce business

Wide spectrum of e-commerce challenges addressed with their precise prompt solutions

Inclusive framework for each prompt, enabling customization to your specific needs

With this Unparalleled ChatGPT E-Commerce Notion Template, you will
Get Lifetime Access
Find remedies for your e-commerce pain points
100+ tested strategies across diverse facets of e-commerce operations
Master ChatGPT at every conceivable stage in the e-commerce industry

Extra questions? 👇

Why use pre-made prompts instead of manually typing questions into ChatGPT?

With prompts you can unlock never-before seen features of ChatGPT. Plus, using ready-made prompts can generate way better results. Even the slightest sentence change or wording change can change output results. 

What tasks can I automate using ChatGPT?

With Upthrust's Notion template, you can automate a wide range of tasks to streamline your marketing efforts. From analyzing your competition and setting goals & OKRs to generating content ideas and writing blog posts, Upthrust offers a versatile solution. Our Notion template includes over 250+ actionable prompts specifically designed to enhance your marketing strategies. These prompts cover various areas of focus and provide valuable insights to drive your marketing campaigns forward.

Who is this prompt pack for?

The Upthrust Notion template prompt pack is designed for individuals and businesses seeking to significantly scale their impact through the utilization of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT.

How can I access Upthrust's e-Comm ChatGPT prompt pack?

Once you purchase the Upthrust Notion template prompt pack, you will gain immediate access to it. Simply click the provided download button, and you will be able to access the Upthrust Notion template right away. Additionally, keep an eye on your email inbox for a message titled "Important: Your order from Upthrust" which will contain the download link. If you encounter any issues locating your order, please click here for further assistance.

There are indeed several ChatGPT prompt packs available, but the Upthrust e-Comm prompt pack stands out in several ways:

The Upthrust Notion template prompt pack sets itself apart from other ChatGPT resources with its extensive collection of over 10,000+ prompts and 20,000+ actionable tasks spanning 10 different areas of work. It offers comprehensive support for your marketing needs and includes lifetime updates, ensuring you always have access to the latest improvements.

I don't have the time to go through all of this. Why should I care about this?

Exactly! This is why we've distilled all the essential prompts you'll ever need into one easy to follow pack. Instead of finding winning prompts, simply use our ready-made prompt templates to save time. 

I've still got questions.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at if you have any further questions – we're happy to help you out.

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4.1 based on 1612 reviews
2300+ tasks you can use to save time
130+ prompts to use with ChatGPT
Copy & paste prompts with tips and tricks