How we helped Petco promote their Unleashed store grand opening and drive foot traffic, increasing store visits by 25%

We used geographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting to create a hyper-local, highly engaging promotional campaign for the grand opening of Petco's new Unleashed store. We focused on a mix of Standard Display Banners, Expandables, and Mobile Interstitials to drive higher viewer engagement and achieve a 25% increase in-store visits.


Digital Advertising, Hyper-local Targeting


Local News and Lifestyle Websites

Result 1

Increase in-store visits during the grand opening campaign.

Result 2

Higher click-through rates (CTRs) compared to the industry average.

Project Overview

Petco aimed to build awareness for the grand opening of their Unleashed boutique pet store in North Babylon, NY, to drive foot traffic to the store. Success would be measured against the client's CTR goals. Petco sought a target audience of pet owners surrounding the new store location.
Driving Foot Traffic to Petco's Unleashed Store
Highly Engaging Ad Placements for Increased CTR ‍


We combined geographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting to reach the desired audience, running the campaign across local news and lifestyle websites with zip code geo-targeting in place. The campaign was behaviorally targeted to reach users classified as pet owners and dog/cat enthusiasts. A mix of Standard Display Banners, Expandables, and Mobile Interstitials was utilized to drive higher levels of viewer engagement.
Optimizing Campaigns Based on Device Usage Patterns
Prioritizing Mobile Campaign Components ‍


The campaign successfully achieved a 25% increase in store visits during the grand opening and delivered 18% higher CTRs than the industry average. Our team's variety of dynamic ad placements helped Petco effectively promote its Unleashed store and drive a high volume of users to its website. Our optimizations and insights gave valuable feedback for Petco to guide future decisions on which zip codes to focus their digital marketing efforts.
Increased user engagement with ad placements
Gained valuable insights on zip code targeting for future campaigns


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