How Upthrust helped Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager to simplify tool application and increase growth rate by 35.78%

Upthrust successfully collaborated with Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager to simplify the tool application for the entire organization, creating a budget-friendly and engaging animated video and ultimately driving a 35.78% growth rate.


Growth Marketing


Google Ads, Adobe Aftereffects

Result 1

Increase in growth rate

Result 2

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Google Ads

Project Overview

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager faced challenges in simplifying the tool application for their entire organization, creating a script for their medium, and remaining budget-friendly. They sought a solution to help navigate these challenges and improve their growth rate.
Simplifying Tool Application
Creating a Script for Medium
Being Budget-Friendly ‍


Upthrust approached the problem by thoroughly understanding the app to simplify the content for everyone in the organization. An animated video encapsulating advantages and uses was created as budget-friendly and engaging content.
Understanding of the App
Creation of Animated Video ‍


The execution resulted in a significant 35.78% increase in growth rate, a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Google Ads of 6.45x, and a generation of 121 highly qualified leads. This project demonstrated the effectiveness of Upthrust's growth marketing strategies in the technology industry.
35.78% Increase in Growth Rate
6.45x ROAS on Google Ads
121 Highly Qualified Leads Generated


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Kaitlyn Cook
Founder, KCC

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