Never Run out of demos or signups

Stop worrying about sales, have more time to improve your product” write Have more time & prospects to speak

$14.33 million
in revenue generated

On avg. our demand gen system leads to 32% reduction in CAC and 21% more booked demos

exactly what you are looking for

Everything you want from an agency

Every channel you need

Reach your audience wherever they are.

Work in your CRM

Report in your single source of truth

Reach your audience wherever they are.

Report in your single source of truth.

real stories,remarkable results

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“Akshay and his team went over and beyond and always delivered above expectations. They produced an incredible all round marketing strategy so they can optimise growth for the short and long term. Excited for the next project thanks guys!"

Kaitlyn Cook
Saas Consultant

“I can see a consistent flow of new clients coming into the business because of his efforts. Akshay & his team is honest and has a lot of integrity. He takes the time to explain things in detail and actively monitors campaigns to ensure that your marketing budget is not wasted.”

Founder, Quietly Successful

“Upthrust stands out with their exceptional learning attitude and deep understanding of our products. Impressed by the swift and tangible results from their campaigns, their expertise in automation and digital marketing is remarkable. Personalized service at its best!"

Marketing Manager at Vega

“The number of quality leads significantly jumped with high conversion after Upthrust started handling our campaigns”

Marketing Head at Housr

“They helped us implement a holistic and critically analyzed marketing campaign and articulated that into an excellent road map and working brief.”

Mark Shuman
Marketing Manager at Dell

“Upthrust put together an expert roundup for us as well as podcast outreach”

Founder, SRATxAI

Upthrust Demand Gen Engine

process, scalable channel, strong messaging, high-converting funnel

Maximize your marketing returns

At Upthrust we deploy the variety of challenges and superpowers, after failing dozens of time for our clients we have gained and refinder marketing funnels to avoid the curse of a modern marketer.

Maximize some text here as well

Follow the timeless principles of big whales — from design to branding and behavioral economics to funnel optimization, spreadsheet models, and a/b testing.

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Cost Per Lead (CPL)



Client Acquisition Cost



priced for startups

Discover our comprehensive services that drive results and fuel your business growth.

₹ 50k/ week

No commitments.
Pause or cancel whenever you need.

Ads running in 2 weeks

Most agencies do months of onboarding

Ongoing ad optimizations

We continuously strive for better results.

Fixed monthly rate

No one likes long, confusing contracts.

Channel flexibility

We can set up and run 20+ ad channels.

Full-stack team

Strategist, media buyer, creative designer, and account manager.

Direct access via Slack

Treat us like your team—you'll have direct access to us in Slack.

Real-time reporting

Know exactly how your channels are performing at all times.

On-demand strategy calls

Strategist, media buyer, creative designer, and reporting specialist.

Kaizen and Reporting

Monthly reports, focusing on improving efficiency and efficacy

Cost Per Lead (CPL)



Leads Driven From LinkedIn



Rise In Leads












upthrust vs Building Marketing Team

You’ll have to train, wait and manage to make growth a possibility

Inhouse team

Time to success





increase MQLs

1. Plan, launch and test demand generation campaigns through inbound & outbound channels

2. Build a martech infrastructure to attribute, nurture, and retarget prospects in your Marketing funnel to optimize conversion rates

increase cltv

1. Increase customer retention with customer loyalty programs and campaigns.

2. Improve product-market fit with client interviews, product roadmap input, and customer success resources.

DEcrease CAC

Diversify and scale your demand gen channels and build a strong Inbound go-to-market strategy.

Test, measure, learn, and optimize. Build the infrastructure to consistently track targets vs. assumptions and decrease CAC.


How soon can we launch ads?

Will I have access to a dashboard for ad results?

Do your strategies align with my monthly lead goals?

Who designs the ads and do I get to approve them?

How frequently are the ads optimized?

Can you assist with AI-tools and website comparisons?

What's the commitment period for the contract?